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"Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual pursuits."

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Thanks for visiting us at Edooism. It's a blog and youtube channel about education and issues today that need to be resolved. We started this channel a few years ago seeing the various problems occurring and recurring with children around us. They were not fitting in to a few school 'requirements' and were being asked to leave. Some schools wanted children to be all rounders. Some schools were demanding a bribe to allow admissions for the siblings of children who were already enrolled at their institution. Children who were not fitting in to the rigorous schooling system with mild to moderate learning difficulties were school-less as admissions in Mumbai are extremely tough and there are long waitlists. Some international schools are unaffordable for many families. Schools are run as a business. We have actually been told by a principal of a school in California " We are running a business. We do not have the time to support children who are having a hard time adjusting to our academic program." who Instead of the schools accommodating those children who are having difficulties by teaching the way they could learn, the schools decided to make it easy on themselves instead by asking children to leave. With the dearth of school placements due to the sheer population issue, how can schools ask children to leave? There seems to be a real problem when a school cannot TEACH A CHILD. Being honest that you do not have the resources for the child's way of learning or special needs, is commendable. But this issue does not solve the problem of every child has a right to learn. I wanted to get some stories out there so decided to do so with a positive approach. I started interviewing people who have been on the other side. The schools that teach in a different way. The parents that support their child. The parents that support each other. These people are living examples of how we should be. We interviewed a lawyer who fights for the rights of special needs children in the U.S. an Occupational therapist, a parent of a child who understands her special needs with such great consciousness that she does not want to be labelled and instead chose to work on her strengths with full passion. There are interviews with a few School founders and principals. Our channel is your channel. Do send us videos or podcasts if you would like to share your education journey with the world. Please share my youtube channel " Edooism by Neeta and Ujjal" with your friends who have children with learning difficulties and special needs. Maybe a few things said on these interviews will help someone who has a dilemma right now. We also have Youtube video interviews of NGO management. Thank you for reading , now please Act on it and share your stories with us.



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