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EDOOISM Online Class / Coaching Session Etiquette

At Edooism we believe to provide high quality education that can be easily accessed by all. In view that most of the classes and coaching sessions are conducted via online platform, there is a need to follow a certain decorum during the sessions. Much like traditional etiquette, which provides rules of conduct in social situations, the purpose of Netiquette is to help construct and maintain a pleasant, comfortable, and efficient environment for online communication, as well as to avoid placing strain on the system and generating conflict among users. Kindly go through the same drafted for Parents / Teachers / Coaches / Students. Online etiquette for Parents - Motivate your child to attend the classes with the spirit as he/she attends school. - Ensure that your child has taken a bath, had breakfast and is ready for online classes properly dressed. - Ensure that the students should sit in a well-lit room. - Provide a dedicated place for the child to attend to his/her online classes without any disturbance. Kindly ensure that the room is clear of any distractions (Noise - Pets or Younger siblings). - Poor internet connectivity should not hinder the Coach /teaching-learning session. - If you do not have a spare computer, then share your mobile with your child so as to help him connect with his/her teachers in the session. - Parents should ensure that there is no disturbance when the child is attending online classes. - If the child is attending online classes on the mobile make sure that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Feature is active while the class is going on. - Parents should also emphasize on maintaining correct posture during the teaching-learning session and train the students accordingly on the same. - Parents should not intervene while the teacher is conducting the online class the child should be made to understand the importance of the class and how he/she must pay attention. - Parents are also supposed to be dressed decently if they appear on the screen. - No filming / recording the class and sharing the same. Online etiquette for Teachers / Coaches / Youth Coaches - The Teachers / Coaches / Youth Coaches should be punctual and dressed up formally while taking online classes. - Teachers / Coaches / Youth Coaches must use an email profile picture that is appropriate for an education environment. - The Teachers / Coaches / Youth Coaches must set a protocol and decorum in the classroom of what is expected from the students - their conduct and classroom discipline. - Teachers / Coaches / Youth Coaches should keep his/her work environment free from distraction like noise of television, incoming calls etc. - Any teaching aid (in the form of written matter or some objects) should have clarity (legible handwriting for written matter) and should be shown properly. - The teacher should strictly refrain from speaking in Hindi. - The teacher should leave the meeting only after the children have left (Signed Out). - Teachers must use laptops for teaching, in case they need to use their mobile phones they should use earphones to keep their hands free for any teaching requirements. - During the entire teaching period the teacher should keep her video on and should be visible to the learners at all times. - Alternatively, the screen can only be used if there is any screen sharing. All other times the teacher should be in face to face interaction. - Teachers must ensure her visibility is clear with a stable background, so that there is no distraction for the students. - No filming / recording the class and sharing the same. Online etiquette for Students - Be properly and decently dressed to attend your classes. - The Students should sit in a well-lit room and be online and on time for attending the classes with electronic devices fully charged. - Be fully equipped for the class with paper - pen, textbooks and water bottle by your side before starting the online session. - The students should not annotate on screen until and unless instructed by the class teacher/ subject teacher. - Please login with your real name only. - The students are supposed to switch on their cameras and switch off their mic (unless required to speak). - Engage fully in online work without any background distractions. Log-Out from all social media, so that you are not distracted during the lesson. - The students should raise hands or use the chat box to post their questions and queries. Before posting your questions just check if anyone has already asked it and received a reply. - Be brief while asking questions or replying to a question. - Don’t post irrelevant links, comments, thoughts or pictures. - Always remember to say ‘PLEASE’ and ‘THANK YOU’ while soliciting help from your teachers or classmates. - Stay focused on the teaching and take down appropriate notes while the teacher is teaching. - Complete and submit all learning tasks and homework assigned by your teachers on a scheduled date. - There is to be no filming, recording or sharing content (you must not take screenshots or record staff members presenting information to you). - No eating/ munching is allowed during the session. However you are allowed to drink water if required.

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