Art & me 🧚🏻‍♀️👩🏻‍🎨

My art journey, my love for innocence, my love for creation and compassion for clients and people of the world. My family, my friends, real life social circles all have given me confidence to just be the person that I am. I am grateful to everyone who has been a part of my learning journey.

I have set a few goals for myself so that I can reach my final goal which is to work for humanity and I plan to cross most hurdles that come my way to get there.

Art as a profession

I have really enjoyed the praise and the sales ( which I call more of a connection between the buyer and me ) 💜 This is not a marketing gimmick. I write from my soul. I like to be that way & it comes with no effort.

I like my work to speak for itself. I would not want my friends and family to buy my paintings to encourage me. I have never asked anyone to buy a painting, never expected a friend or a family member to be a customer. It’s at will that I believe someone should be drawn to your art or your exhibition. I love and feel proud when complete strangers, acquaintances or previous clients come back for more as it really speaks about the artist’s work. When an architect comes up to you and says I have been looking at art and there’s fabulous art everywhere but I was looking for your style of work as it would suit this clients home or office. It’s such a good feeling that there is place in this world for all art styles !!

I cherish when clients become friends because art brings us together. But thereafter also no expectations at all. I display my work to share my feelings and spread peace. An artist works hard at each piece and needs appreciation but not forced appreciation. We want genuine praise and love emerging from the beholder’s eye. We are so intuitive that we can see when someone genuinely likes our work and when someone doesn’t but is trying to scratch your back so that you can scratch theirs as well.

I believe in praising other artist’s work not cause I want to show that I am a sporting artist or a well wisher. When I genuinely feel awe for someone’s work and believe I can’t do that it seems interesting, I won’t copy that persons style as I am very mindful about my own style. I will however praise without a thought IF it genuinely appeals to me. I don’t want brownie points with that artist or amongst communities. I do however want to make a profit in my profession. I won’t allow myself to be in a loss situation as I don’t bet on my art. I treat it with respect and a step by step growth process.

I am happy to teach kids quality of work versus quantity just as I learnt this from various teachers who touched my art life. I believe in space to imagine art concepts and design versus an impatience and urgency to compete or create. I believe in mistakes versus perfection, love for process versus praise, mindfulness versus distractions. I enjoy facilitating in my art classes and I know that all kids can be artists and art is for boys and girls versus only girls. Everyone needs mindfulness and focus.

So of course this process of mindful art leads to a deep understanding of focus and the results being mesmerizing to the artist himself.

Art is meditation for me. When I paint after my meditation, I create something that I never knew I could. This divine experience of mindful creation is magical. It’s not about how many I sold. It’s about how why and to whom did I sell ? Was it someone doing me a favor? Was it someone who was trying to promote me so that I could promote them. I don’t want that. This is my art journey. It resonates naturally and effortlessly with me.

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