How will great minds work together ?

How will great minds work together ?

A message for my fellow Indians – whenever we criticize we should have a solution and a strategy versus a rhetoric criticism or question.

I have seen so much trolling on innocent people many many times on social media and in real life. People are too quick to criticize but no one has alternatives or shares them.

If best practices are not shared how will the country come together for progress ? How will great minds work together ?

Some people r ready to just attack other people. That’s why our country , our schools, our professionals, our businessmen, our kids, parents, are always competing. Uplift can only happen by sharing issues and solutions. Simple and practical for all of us to understand.

It’s the ingrained competition, insulting your fellow colleagues, your business partners, your friends, your teachers, your students, your kids, your parents. Offering solutions is the govts. job…. but also the common mans job to ensure team work. When this begins to happen – sharing of best practices and offering solutions…( not unwanted advice) literally practical non insulting solutions, our country will be livable for our kids.

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