You are who you are coz…..

You were always loved

despite of failure

or wins & growth of your character


You are who you are coz…

You always ate your shaky tooth

& got no fairy to reward the fall

Your mother whacked you with a vessel

Coz you spilt the milk & wasted the cheese

& an urchin was craving calcium

You are who you are

Coz your dad taught you Hindi & baseball

Took you for a chicken meal makhani & paprika

Alternated weekends with lunches & movies

Coz your teacher taught with her ruler

Chucked the chalk at your chapta hair

Coz one day you encountered a bear

& that led to many a scare

Your rags had patches & tear

Your face full of droplets

Or laughter

Coz your neighbors were noisy

Violent or cute & crazy

Your home had parties

Or then just pin drop silence

Coz your child woke up every night

Or then he was healthy with tiny virals

or blessed with great vitals !

You are who you became because

Your child took to special needs

When you expected to sow some other seeds ?

You are who you are coz of what you read

how well you & yours tread

your work could be

Using needle & yarn

to get mango jam & bread

You have what you have

coz of tediously sweeping floors

checking tickets

while a man rich & ignorant

A woman of fame & worldly pleasure

highlight their stature

You may think how does that matter ?

You are who you are coz of your senses

their innate & homegrown reactions

Coz your school worked on transactions

Or whether you sat on social benches

You are who you have become

Coz of habit or even the trenches

A brave soldier or a comfortable spectator

A guide or a mentor

Fashion styler or a ruler

A factory laborer

Or a pioneer

You are special coz you are who you are

For better or for worse

You are special

Worthy coz of your own story

So then how does another opinion matter ?

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