Autism awareness

Autism awareness 💙

What does blue light signify ? To me it signifies this –

1) It means people are different and we need to be sensitive, compassionate and inclusive toward everyone with differences.

2) We need to use labels only to understand someone’s personality and strengths and abilities.

3) It means we need to understand that a person with Autism, is to be treated with respect and an understanding and without labelling that person with random names that come to our impulsive ignorant minds.

4) Autism exists.

5) It’s is much more than we know as research is still ongoing. So nobody is an Autism expert really. Everyone is learning through various Autism states of mind and they are very different in each child and adult.

6) We need to be aware that people with Autism have feelings, a mind and a heart and we need to be mindful and knowledgeable about how to be with them.

7) The blue light is to ring a bell to our senses that empathy is the first thing we need when we are with a child who has Autism. Labels For the sake of knowledge come only after that.

8) Nothing is purely black & white … Blue is also a colour along with many other hues, tones, shades and colours.

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