Bullying and ragging

At schools, at corporate offices, at home, at hospitals bullying is prevalent. It’s something we cannot ignore. Human beings bully people that are the outsiders. People bully to be popular with an audience. This audience encourages bullying or ragging by laughing with the antagonist. The victim is usually someone thats an easy target, someone new in the institute, or a fresher in a friends’ circle. We wonder why bullying or hazing takes place only if our child or someone we love has been a victim. End silence. Speak up and take action. Do not be a silent spectator as a friend or relative of someone being bullied. Communicate with the bullied and the bullies!! Lets not ignore either. Let the world know about the bullies so that people feel its ok to be bold. Its helpful to speak up ! Read more at: Read more at: on this hyperlink for an article on ragging

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