Check yourselves are you pushing someone to feel so unworthy that they don’t want to be in this worl

When I hear of a suicide I feel extremely worried about all those I know that are suffering, especially those that are suffering in silence. How do you feel when you see someone suffering ? What’s your first thought ? Would you go out of your way to mentor or listen or just be there ? I try my best.

A few people think that suicide is when someone is too weak to handle situations. myth ! No one is weak. It’s the unnecessary aggression that is driving normal people to turn away !

A few people think that suicide is the last resort for someone who has stretched himself or herself too far financially. However underlying reason is this world !!

Depression bipolar schizophrenia are some reasons for suicide.

School pressures

Corporate pressures

Parent pressures


No help from family members or friends

Think about this. How often have you helped someone who is suffering ? If you have not then you are doing something gravely wrong.

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