Denvour D’Cruz about his experience with Fine Art at Amity University – Mumbai. Denvour is a p

Beginning a new chapter for me meant not only changing colleges but an emotional and mental journey that would transform and shape me into a completely new mindset. Joining Amity University after completing two years of a Bachelor of Arts Degree and leaving it midway brought a whole new set of challenges and difficulties. Coming from a state board education to joining a government funded university meant that I was part of a pre-determined system that produced only graduates who were set within their own boundaries of subject matter. I knew I wanted more than just being another product of the education system and wanted to explore more specifically an interest I had since I was a child, Fine arts. I started searching for colleges that offered this course and found that although a large number of colleges provided the course, the government colleges faced a lack of development and infrastructure whereas most of the private universities had an extensive fee structure and a long list of extra-curricular expenses. I finally found a university that fit under my budget, was reputed and showed prospect for me to grow. Leaving something known and comfortable in which I already had a future planned was not only a scary prospect but also a very emotionally taxing and mentally draining experience. Moving on is a nature of life and so I went on and enrolled and got into a bachelor’s course I actually appreciated and felt a deeper level of understanding with. Joining the university meant travelling on a daily for almost two hours one way but it has been worth it. I haven’t only received the basic education capable of beginning my journey as an artist but understanding so much more of the dynamics of travel and city life and collecting experiences that have made me a more aware person today. Fine Arts as a degree course is designed to challenge and push the boundaries of a person to thinking further than the norm and test one’s capabilities of learning and practicing techniques of creating art. It has been tiring and exhausting but at the end of the day the satisfaction of creating from what we have learnt as students makes the work even more appreciable for others and for oneself. This First year we learnt the basics of every specialization one can pursue after holding the degree, and has given us an idea of where our interests lie and aided in making our decision of which major, we can choose. We have learnt various media of art and how to apply it to our practices as budding artists.

Although terrifying at first this transition has put me through a rollercoaster of emotions, discoveries and mindfulness.

I have learnt how to deal with deadlines and how to improvise if something goes wrong.

Adapting to this course has been and continues to be one of the most wonderful decisions I have taken and has equipped me with a brand new understanding of life and filled me with hope for all that is to come my way in the future.

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