How are schools measured ? On what basis ? I really want to know about this ranking system ?

What bases are schools ranked on ? Anyone knows ?

Do you know if they are ranked on the following

A) how happy are the parents of special needs kids in that school ?

B) how integrated do all kids feel

C) manners of the children

D) children’s happiness count

E) are there provisions for special needs Kids ?

D) are there good exciting provisions for Kids with learning differences ?

F) how is the food served to the kids ? How clean &, nourishing it is ?

G) are there enough extra curricular activities and are all kids pulled in to participate ?

H) are your stage performances and speakers only for those kids that are forthcoming and extrovertish ? Are usually quiet kids encouraged and motivated to participate ?

I) are all kids thriving ? Is there even one kid not thriving ? If yes then why ?

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