Mental health deterioration correlation with expectations. – by Neeta

Life’s actions are not money transactions that they will give you your calculated and expected reactions. They are your own designs and the world is YOUR playground. Your playing style will determine your strength and your value of yourself to yourself. It’s very personal.

Have u ever made a decision because of your intuition or a strong persistent gut feeling? Have people ever condemned your decision ? Has that ever made you uncomfortable anxious and guilty even if your decision was completely ethical and clear about how you want your life designed ?

This is because your empathy levels are high and you worry when others perceive you as wrong or a failure. This can happen when you want to see that everyone around you is comfortable and at peace. This can also happen when you don’t enjoy justifying your decision especially when you know within you are doing the right thing.

Expecting no reaction is an unrealistic expectation because people are always searching for something sensational and senseless to discuss and magnify.

Meditation and painting has always helped me distract myself from wondering how near and dear ones perceive me. That’s the only way I have been able to stick to my decisions that I know are right for me and people who are affected by my decision. I must have that line of sight to understand the repercussions of my decisions. That is clearer when I meditate regularly.

At the end of the day any choice we make, takes us toward some response from the universe. It’s always a mixed blessing. Nothing can turn out to be accurate or right unless it might be a money transaction.

Our life is OUR playground. We take a risk and choose to come down that slide or walk up that slide, we push a swing to make someone else laugh or share a sea saw, it’s our play time.

If we go slap someone, cheat someone or kick someone in their backside in that playground, we are going to get it back on the same spot or another or then shunned from that playgroup.

The most important thing however is to stay in tune and mindful with our decisions and actions. To ensure that our anxiety levels stay in control, we need to be aware of our feelings and reactions to the perceptions of others. Mental health is correlated to losing oneself over wondering how others perceive you. Today if they are talking about us, tomorrow they are condemning someone else’s positive actions too.

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