Mouldable marshmellows versus Kshatriyas ? 

It’s all in the upbringing. When parents bring up their son and daughter differently, there is sure to be some psychological problem in the boys’ head.

Some bring up their son to think he is always right and the girl to believe she has to bow to her brother and father as they know everything from when they popped out their intelligent God given brains to this earth. Girls are told to like gentler things or else they won’t be liked. They should talk in soft voices even if they want to shout out. Boys in many families are brought up to believe they must shout and must be aggressive or then they are not boys they are instead labeled as “girls”

Be rough be rough. These parents believe that their son will be a hero if he is rough. They see their sons as Kshatriyas from when they are born and their daughters as mouldable marshmellows. If these two kids don’t fall in line with their expectations they are so dissappointed that they cannot show their face to this man made society.

Let me just state the fact of today’s day and age. There is a herd mentality amongst many families to believe in the following mantras versus the mantras that truly psychologically help both girls and boys.

” son, go fight ” versus ” son defend yourself”

” daughter be quiet” versus ” daughter defend yourself”

” he is a boy he should be tough ” versus “he is a human in this big strong world he should be gentle when the need arises and tough to defend himself or someone else in need”

” she is a girl she should be gentle and never answer back” versus ” she is a human being she should be gentle when the need arises and yet defend herself and others when the need arises”

Before we are boys and girls we are souls. Our souls have to survive their term. So why should any soul be submissive or dominating ?

RAPE – Ruining a person’s everything.

How dare boys / men think it’s ok to ruin someone’s everything. How can anyone believe they are to ruin the mind and body that belongs to another soul ?

Some men are brought up to believe they can own a woman. Some men are never taught the importance of ” personal space”

Molested in Singapore buses ? Call the police

This is about personal space. This sign should be everywhere.

The day women are brought up to believe they are born to respect themselves and other women and the day boys are taught to respect other people just as much as they respect themselves, our world will surely have less crime.


Kshatriyas- warriors and protectors. They are meant to fight anyone when the need arises.

Myth about boys being Kshatriyas – they are to fight and attack all day without being attacked.

Myth that women should be mouldable marshmellows – Truth – they are edible soft sweets. Women are humans with bones and have the ability and capacity to be tough. Only a savage can eat humans.

Myth about men and women that men should be strong and women submissive – Truth – both men and women have the capacity and ability to be strong and submissive.

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