Non-verbal cues to deception- Our kids need to know these !g

Body language and eye contact give out our secrets. Habits are pitiless dictators for us. Any habit we form takes a while to change so since prevention is better than cure, let’s start by teaching our kids these important things.

MICROEXPRESSIONS – Fleeting facial expressions which last for only a few tenths of a second. Such reactions occur after an emotion-provoking event is trying to be suppressed. (Ekman,1985) If you see quick changes in expression it can mean someone is lying.

INTERCHANNEL DISCREPANCIES – These are when people can’t look at you in your eyes when they lie or hide something.

NONVERBAL ASPECTS OF SPEECH – Sometimes when people lie they tend to raise the pitch. They suddenly talk louder and make a few errors while hesitating. They try and cover up their hesitation with a loud pitch.

EYE CONTACT and BLINKING – Some people blink a lot while exaggerating a point and the eyes may dilate while telling a lie. These people may have an unusually low level of eye contact or an unusually high one as they attempt to fake being honest by looking others right in the eye.

EXAGGERATED FACIAL EXPRESSIONS – They may smile more or more broadly than usual or may show greater sorrow than is typical in a given situation.  A prime example: Someone says “no” to a request you’ve made and then shows exaggerated regret.

We are all guilty of one of the above at various times in our lives. But its so important to realise this when we are working in teams, our employees’ body language and expression, checking to see if our boss has good intentions for us or is it all talk? , or with regards to friendships and family ties !!

This is helpful on a daily basis especially in big cities where people tend to run through things and try and get away with nonsensical and at times grey lies to get their work done quickly!  

“It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one.” ― George Washington

Article by Neeta Bajaj

Reference- Robert A Baron & Donn Byrne’s Social Psychology book.


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