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How do you feel when you meet someone who asks you questions like this? ” How did you do in your exams? ” And then waits for an answer and says ok that’s fine or that’s good.”

“How is work going ? ” ok that’s fine it will get better or sorry to hear that. Do let me know if you need my help in anyway.

Do you prefer a question that says ” oh you are not doing well or not done well? You should do this and that next time. Do you know Maanvi has done so well, she is now a doctor. It’s because she studied independently. It’s because she was disciplined. It is because her mother was a tiger mom ! She is successful because there was no television in her home. She never went down to meet her friends in the evening.

Slowly this seems like gibberish to you ? To me it’s a bunch of nonsense. At that point imagine telling the child, ” What do you think you could do differently for your next exams ? I am here if you need some pointers”

” How is your shop doing ? Do you sell anything OR NOT ?” These are total Taboo words in my dictionary. The right question would be, ” How’s the shop doing ? Are you enjoying it ? What kind of clients do you have there ? Would you like me to promote it for you ? ”

A good mentor or an optimist is someone who tells you oh it’s ok there will be many more opportunities despite of failure.

“The most important thing to remember is that ” LIFE, SUCCESS and FATE are all linked. Hard work and being optimistic is the only thing in your hands”.

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