People are not Cameras, Robots or Xerox machines.

This is the dream for many! Not just one out of 100 kids ….Creative jobs also need to stop searching for people with certain qualifications. They need to dive in to the crowd to find the creative thinkers and those who have the courage to create !

But how can that happen when everyone’s art at schools is the same ! The same owl they have to emulate , the same kind of geometry , line theory, color typical , the same art media that’s available ? High grades in art are required to be ‘ good at art’ ? No way. Art is very personal and the more creative thinking time there is the more amazing the creation can be. If you give your student one hour and in that one hour they have to copy something perfectly as though they are CAMERAS and have TECHNOLOGY within them instead of human organs ! There is little thinking time at schools. Schools have subjects one after the other and they have to just finish tasks rather than savour every bite of their learning !! There is an overload of information. How does that help anyone to think of analogies or creations or connections between subjects to the grand scheme of life?

Thinking time is so important ! I stole my thinking & dreaming time at school because of which I suffered bad grades in ‘ important ‘ subjects. University was slightly better but yet we had to be just like everybody else where we needed to have the similar outcomes ! But I stole time so that I could work on my art.

When I worked at a textile mill they tried forcing me to make certain type of designs but when I did not listen to them, our fabrics sold at a large department store in Mumbai. Those prints that I came up with were different. The more unique the more most people notice and get attracted to.

What happens to people who are taught creatively but not accepted in the job world with open arms ? So schools , universities and corporates need to be in touch often ! Just so that they touch base on latest talents and skills. They should track children’s creative process and progress. In the same way schools should track jobs and what they require today ? What do you think ? Do they do that ? Does anyone link and connect the bridge well enough between school and jobs ?

The world needs to make a whole lot of employable space for creative people like Disney ?

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