Special needs kids want friends, acquaintances, contacts, progress,leadership opportunities ! &#82

I have been looking for the right words since ages

the right blog and phrases

to strike a chord among us

an idea and opportunity

get out of your comfort bliss

of ignorance 

to kill loneliness 

How many times have we made friends with someone who has special needs, brought them out of their lonely comfort zone into a social happy environment ? It snot a one day thing. It is the right of all special needs kids to feel one with everyone else. That cannot happen when we club them all together and view them as separate. It must be a mixed event.

I am very happy to see opportunities for various abilities. But I am not happy about children with special needs being clearly identified watched and applauded for doing just about anything they do. They want to feel accepted, and they want friends as simple as that. Some children don’t want to identified and labelled. They just want to be talked to. They just want a peer who will give them a high five and ask them how their day is going.

The more research I am doing with special needs, I am realizing that even though we MUST KNOW about the special need that a friend has, we must must must get out of our comfort zone every once in a while to invite someone with special needs for a group activity without making them feel we are doing them a favor. Just as we can be diplomatic with people we need a favor from why cant we be diplomatic and compassionate with people who have special needs ?

I challenge you all to do that. Its a serious call.

Neeta @

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