Stay on your track ! ☝️😊

The best thing my mum who has been spiritual since she was born always says “ we live Parallel paths. If someone does something that angers or hurts us, we shouldn’t change our good track.

So anger should dissipate in few minutes or seconds and we must quickly get moving on our own track. We don’t need to harbour pain or anger. These are unnecessary distractions from our life goals. We need to keep going on our track. We could talk about it and then let actions be nice. We can keep our distance from someone that caused us extreme distress but there is absolutely no need to change our track or halt !

An example below. Is this how we want our lives to be ? Constant friction or peace and progress ?

I choose the latter. It may come across as selfish or cowardly but when you have tried in the past and that person has always made you uncomfortable in your track then why put yourself through that torture? Nature never really changes. Friends & relatives, all of them, are put in our lives as part of our journey. We are all given the ability to live in harmony. We are also give the ability to stay on our own tracks. It’s our choice !

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