Suicide leads to nothing.

Life can be a marathon or a journey to somewhere but untimely death is a journey to nowhere. It hasn’t followed a plan that was already destined.

Some therapists lead people out of suicide but what are some ways we can help our children realize the importance of life. To someone who wants to end their life, feeling like a mere drop in the ocean can be overwhelming and depressing.


It’s important to feel that you are adding value in this world every minute. Working toward a cause makes you love your own value add. Without that, when problems strike like lightening, you just want to give way to the deepest darkest fear which is to be alone and helpless.

It’s important to set goals large and small. Every minute you are working toward those goals. Without them, you are giving spaces to futile thoughts that don’t lead to anything.

This journey called life, it has breath, prayer, health, money, career, love, destiny, people, entertainment, music, color, the natural and the superficial. There are so many choices. If each thing is given equal importance as a child, it becomes a habit to rely on one as a goal of not most of them.

Perceiving only career as a goal, or prioritizing love over everything else lessens your chances of being happy and content. If the only thing you dreamed of does not happen there is a possibility of feeling worthless. A balance of it all is needed for a love and zest for life ! A holistic life is what must be stressed at home. If none of your goals are met, reinvent your goals. That’s also possible 🙂

This is a practice that we can easily start at home and then everything else falls into place when problems arise.


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