Teaching impairments.

I am calling out a challenge and bellowing for a twist in the entire education system today!

Learning content was made by humans. ‘Learning disabilities or impairments’ were discovered by human beings and cures were scientifically made by humans. Teaching styles were made by humans. So why is it that some teachers cannot help every child in their class? Are they ‘teaching challenged’ or ‘teaching impaired’? Honestly every theory is human-made and the same theory is understood by humans for centuries. Its almost like a herd mentality. Assumptions with just ‘low and weak grades’ are so dangerous for the emotional state of a parents mind. Tests are also man-made. It is not necessary their results are always right.

Now,since rationally everything is not a 100 percent true, how can we make only one type of education for all? Its a relief to know there is a variety and new styles of education being offered everywhere now. The problem is education is also really expensive today. What happens if its expensive and seems good, but is not that good for your child? Sometimes schools promise the world in the beginning and then break their promises along the way. What happens then? Parents feel the pressure and like a dominos effect pass the tension onto their child.

Grades grades grades ! They are not the deciding code for sure success then why are we relying solely on grades for our child’s progress? There are so many gradual and ongoing steps that lead to success. Why are people in a hurry these days to judge and make decisions on the potential of a child?

A certain dynamic super power,the creator of all forces and human beings, created so many different types of children? Isn’t that something to think about? How can humans make such a grave mistake which is to judge a child for not winning those good grades? It could be the mistake of a teacher or a parent too. That mistake might be due to a teaching inability # impairment# challenge. Shouldn’t everyone that influences the child be tested too? Especially if there is no sure and clear evidence that the child has an internal ‘problem’? Sometimes the child could just….well….be naughty, lazy, easygoing, distracted (without the big man-made amplified word ‘AdHd’) There maybe nothing like that. Maybe a really calm person has an issue called “Too calm disorder”

If ‘every little thing’ is a disorder then ‘everything’ really is a disorder. Then no-one should escape testing. BULLYING should be termed as ‘Bad behaviour disorder’. Why is that not seen as a weakness? Why is it perceived as a strength? People have warped ideas of what is a weakness and what is a strength. Teachers must be well informed before labelling children or expecting perfect grades from your students. The fault could be in the teacher, the parent, the environment or the child. All fingers point toward the child instead ! What is wrong with the world??

I believe the word disability should be banned and the word “ABILITY” should replace it. If we want to stick to the word disability then we should test everybody in the circle of the child’s learning and growing environment, what say?? Testing has become a fashion now !!

QUOTE 1 ― Thalia Chalets

“Last time I got a B up from a C and my father said, “if you can get a C you can get a B, if you can get a B you can get an A.”- I got an A and my father said, “grades don’t mean anything.”

QUOTE 2 ― Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

“As a result of his experiments he concluded that imitation was a real evil that had to be broken before real rhetoric teaching could begin. This imitation seemed to be an external compulsion. Little children didn’t have it. It seemed to come later on, possibly as a result of school itself.”

That sounded right, and the more he thought about it the more right it sounded. Schools teach you to imitate. If you don’t imitate what the teacher wants you get a bad grade. Here, in college, it was more sophisticated, of course; you were supposed to imitate the teacher in such a way as to convince the teacher you were not imitating, but taking the essence of the instruction and going ahead with it on your own. That got you A’s. Originality on the other hand could get you anything – from A to F. The whole grading system cautioned against it.”


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