The ladder of ascension- how do we reach there ? I know how and it’s not the easiest thing. I am goi

My reading leads me to think about things a lot…. to rationalise things…. to research through people’s thoughts ,actions, words & experiences. So I came up with this. The nicest of people can be victims of the ladder of fall. This image made me realise how easily we fall and how difficult it seems for us human beings to rise .

The nicest of people can kill

The nicest of people can rape

The nicest of people can steal

The nicest of people can fight

The nicest of people can tarnish someone’s reputation

The nicest of people have Mindless actions

The nicest of people cheat

The nicest of people suffer

The nicest of people are ignorant too

The nicest of people are orthodox

The nicest of people are open minded

The nicest of people are closed minded

So who’s to know what’s right and what’s wrong ?

Is there any such thing as black & white ?

Is the opposite of those colours only grey or is there another colour we are missing ?

How do we teach our kids what’s right and what’s wrong ?

Unless you feel our world is just perfect & must carry on the way it always does ?

I don’t agree with teaching our children , do whatever your heart says. If you don’t feel like doing this don’t. In the future they will need to do a lot of things they don’t want to. I believe they need to first understand what the duties of the heart are. They need to connect with their hearts before they act or speak. That can only happen if goodness is stressed upon at home.

Just sharing my way with my child. He is quite principal- minded & righteous. He knows he needs to be righteous even if he stands alone sometimes.

Love truthfully

Commit honestly

Seek with awareness

Have a purpose

Have faith only when the intuition is strong

Research and share

Gratitude for what is there

Share best actions

Study with love

Meet with love

Say what you mean

Mean what you say

Make people comfortable by not saying things that are not necessary

Understand personalities

Encourage the right

Discourage the wrong

Praise actions that are worthy

Condemn wrong actions

Be aware and in tune with your own actions and their repercussions !

It’s hard work to be righteous and that is why many make fun of righteousness or goodness or kindness because they can’t seem to follow through !

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