Understand your Neurotransmitters and what they do for you and what you can do for them 💜 – N

When human beings engage in various activities, it seems that neurojuices are released that are associated with pain or pleasure. And the endorphins are very pleasurable. “- Candice Pert

Acetylcholine activities motor neurons controlling skeletal muscles. Contributes to the regulation of attention arousal and memory. Some AC receptors are stimulated by Nicotine. ( you can abuse them or channel your neurons well)

Dopamine Contributes to control of voluntary movements , pleasurable emotions. Decreased levels associated with Parkinson’s disease. Over activity at DA synapses associated with Scizophrenia. Cocaine and amphetamines elevate activity at DA synapses.

Serotonin is involved in regulation of sleep and wakefulness, eating, aggression. Abnormal levels may contribute to depression and obsessive- compulsive disorder. Prozac and similar antidepressant drugs affect serotonin circuits.

Endorphins – Reserve opiate drugs in structure and effects. Contribute to pain relief and perhaps to some pleasurable emotions. Runner’s high may be associated with high endorphins levels.

Reference – Themes and variations – Fifth edition and Neil Busis internet articles.

Neeta Bajaj

AA degree in Child development

& Arts and Psychology student.

Art facilitator and Mentor for kids with anxiety, ADHD and learning difficulties.

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