Wear the growth mindset 🌴🤯👍 …. Neeta

Who is coach , a spiritual teacher, a mentor, a psychologist, a counsellor, or a therapist ? If we look at these people as a tree providing us our cool shade while life throws heat at us, what’s the harm?

They’re people who listen to you , do not judge you and help you clear your thoughts with different strategies. So what’s the big fuss about ? What’s the stigma about it ? Why the hush hush ? It’s because we love pleasing people more than we please ourself !

The word psychiatrist or psychologist scares many. I have heard people saying this “ He is crazy he needs psychiatry” She has mental issues she needs to see a psychologist. Having an issue is not something to make fun of or be ashamed of. We all have issues. Labelling someone crassly needs to stop entirely.

In order to channel our issues in a positive way we need some form of therapy. A person who reaches out and calls out for help without having an ego, is a person with a growth mindset.

Everyone needs a psychologist/coach/mentor at some phase of our life. Many don’t go and feel they never needed it. Many feel scared of the label they will acquire after visiting someone. Guess what ? No one needs to know ! It’s your personal journey. One of self love and self care. It’s important to know that we need a professional to hear us out and help us gain a growth mindset. We go to the salon, gym or a massage therapist with pride ! That’s the external body ! What about our mind ? It needs a massage or some treatment too. If we start looking out for our mind as much as our body we will surely function better.

Send us an email if you would like to meet a professional to help you sort out your worries, and anxieties. Don’t let your issues pile up. We all need that cool shade, and a certain kind of therapy to cope with problems thrown at us.

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