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Why yoga for small kids? With growing stress levels at school,competition, frequently eating out, fast food syndrome , pollution, construction menace all around there is also a steady growth of lifestyle related diseases like breathing problems, juvenile diabetes and infections all of which if not checked in time would lead to delirious consequences. It is wiser to focus on prevention of any disease whilst working on building immunity and strength and be thoroughly equipped with health knowledge and tools to deal with it. The classes will be based upon living our daily life in the most empowered n enlightened way, it’s called “Awakening to our limitless potential” through the weekly 50 minute session guiding us on how to tap into our limitless potential ,oneness of ourselves with our environment , oneness with the universe and the last but not the least will be on”developing a state of Absolute happiness with ease at all times. We also do special classes for kids who require speech therapy for stammering stuttering and other issues.

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